The 12 Best places to see in 2022 in the most underrated capital of Europe

Photo: Marian Mirea — Location: Cărturești Carusel, Bucharest

Equal parts gritty and pretty, Bucharest has some hidden gems and cool spots to visit and Framey can help you find them.

What’s best about Bucharest is it’s a city that rewards you for taking your time and experiencing it slowly. With forgotten architectural gems, quirky bars, and hidden cafes that are hard to find make this often bypassed capital city so special. It’s not as easy as just ticking the main things to do off a Bucharest checklist, the way you might in London or Rome. For exploring the hidden gems and cool spots of Bucharest, let the app Framey assist you.

Framey does all the research and allows you to take one photo and transform it into a dream trip. Their vision is to help travelers create personalized itineraries and gather all their favorite photos in one mobile app. This social travel app allows you to search and easily find nearby attractions in your exact location. You can then create a personalized collection of your favorite attractions. What is great about the app is it shows you the exact coordinates of a location and it even has a photo depicting every attraction. This is so helpful to have when planning a trip!

So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading below to find our best-hidden gems and cool spots to visit in Bucharest and don’t forget to upload and save these ideas and photos on Framey for your next adventure!

Hidden Gems & Cool Spots to Visit

1. Romanian Athenaeum

Wrapped in gardens and a performance venue extraordinaire, the Neoclassical Romanian Athenaeum is the home of the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra. Built in 1888, and restored in 1992, it’s a grand dome embellished with gilded stuccowork that depicts the most pivotal events in Romanian history. The circular concert hall seats over 650 and is the perfect, affordable night to listen to Haydn, Bach, or Mozart. Be here in September for the George Enescu Festival, when there’s a busy program of performances and one of Eastern Europe’s biggest classical events.

Photo: Pelayo Arbués, Location: Romanian Athenaeum, Bucharest

2. Centrul Vechi (Old Town)

Probably the youngest old town in the world as it’s only been around since the early 2000s. Designed to attract more tourists to the capital, the plan has succeeded in making this a cool spot. The bright lights of the old town illuminate streets and streets of bars, restaurants, kebab shops, and pumping music, all housed in grand buildings and bringing in many international travelers per year. So, whatever you are in the mood for, Centrul Vechi is sure to not disappoint. For a hidden gem area, be sure to check out ‘Umbrella Alley’ on Pasajul Victoria (The Victory Passage).

Photo: Adrian Dascal, Location: Old Town, Bucharest

3. Bucharest National Opera House

The Bucharest National Opera House is an ornate, classic old-world venue that is beautiful and well maintained. It is one of the four National Operas in Romania, and it is considered the largest lyrical theater in the country. Built in 1953 in neoclassical styles and outstanding artists, there are over 150 titles of opera and ballet that have been performed here. The Bucharest National Opera House has a beautiful entryway with a split staircase to your seat, and truly it’s so well designed there is not a bad seat in the house!

It’s not a large venue, so would recommend buying tickets in advance. It’s a must-see for classical ballet lovers with past amazing performances such as Vasily Medvedev’s Sleeping Beauty and Le Corsaire, Renato Zanella’s Romeo and Juliet, Don Quijote, Swan Lake, and Edward Clug’s amazing ballet Tango.

4. 5ENSI by BeanZ Café

The great atmosphere and a beautiful design make this the perfect restaurant if you are looking for something a bit more upscale, but not too fancy. 5ENSI seems to always be full of beautiful people and is perfect for a small bite or a larger meal. It has delicious food with plenty of vegetarian options and each dish is a genius concept. It also includes a well-rounded selection of wines and cocktails. No matter your group size, you will always receive top-notch service.

If you are looking for great food at a reasonable price, then 5ENSI is the perfect cool spot for you. The crispy cauliflower is a must-try and local favorite.

5. Cărturești Carusel

Not sure it’s as hidden these days, but Cărturești Carusel is the most beautiful Bucharest gem. Pan Macmillan voted it the 6th most beautiful bookstore in the world. While it’s not necessarily a Romanian hidden gem, it’s a gorgeous location to add to your Bucharest collection on your Framey app. For the ultimate me-time, wander the floors of Cărturești Carusel and dip into books on all range of topics. Head here to find books on a whole variety of subjects, as well as a light-filled café on the mezzanine floor.

Photo: @mihaita.mano, Location: Cărturești Carusel, Bucharest

6. The National Theatre Bucharest (TNB)

The National Theatre of Bucharest is a public cultural institution. Head here for an entire array of cultural activities; interesting things on offer include theatre performances, conferences, and talks. The National Theatre Bucharest has been here for over 150 years and welcomes over 20,000 guests per month.

Photo: Marco Taliani de Marchio, Location: The National Theatre Bucharest (TNB), Bucharest

7. Hard Rock Cafe Bucharest

Food, fun, and amazing concerts wait for all at the Hard Rock Cafe. This cool spot blends American and Romanian style to offer an unforgettable mixed bag to its customers. You can indulge your taste buds and enjoy the tasteful arrangement of music.

Both local people and tourists love to come here to enjoy a good time with top-notch quality food and drinks. Some dishes that the menu of this eatery boasts are chicken wings, ice cream, homemade cheesecake, and sinful hot fudge sundae.

Photo:, Location: Hard Rock Cafe, Bucharest

8. “Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum

The whole west side of King Michael I Park (formerly Herăstrău Park) is given over to a massive outdoor museum, which has over 270 authentic historic buildings. They make each building from stone, wood, or cob (clay and straw). These materials came from all corners of the country, from Banat in the West to Moldova in the east and Transylvania in the center. Each region has its own style, whether it’s the brightly painted walls from the Danube Delta, to the ornately carved portals from Berbeşti in the center of Romania.

Photo: @mihaita.mano, Location: “Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum, Bucharest

9. Union Plaza Hotel & Amethyst Sky Bar

The Union Plaza Hotel is the dreamiest central location with a stunning city view of Bucharest from guest rooms. Its contemporary décor is amazing and it’s located near all of Bucharest’s major attractions. On the 12th floor, delicious food and the perfect atmosphere make Amethyst Sky Bar one of the most unique dining experiences. It’s the best-hidden gem in Bucharest to soak in the beautiful sunset above the city skyline.

Photo:, Location: Union Plaza Hotel & Amethyst Sky Bar, Bucharest

10. National Arena

Rebuilt around 2011 to replace Romania’s previously crumbling national stadium, the National Arena is a wonderful modern venue in the east of the capital city of Bucharest. It is the newest and most beautiful football stadium in Romania, with a capacity of 55,000 seats and excellent acoustics. This is a cool spot to visit in Bucharest.

Photo:, Location: National Arena, Bucharest

11. Velocità

Simply, the best ice cream in town and a hidden gem in Bucharest. Velocità is a downtown café on Victory Street. The minimalist and clean design makes for the perfect, chill atmosphere. Known for unforgettable ice cream, you must try the salty pistachio or salty caramel. There can be long queues in the evening, so get there early!

Photo:, Location: Velocità, Bucharest

12. POT. Stories

A gorgeous restaurant with a spectacular design that makes you just want to go there to appreciate the quality of the place. A place filled with natural fabrics and an abundance of greenery and ceramics it makes for a magical atmosphere reminiscent of rustic beach houses along the sea. The cuisine is a wonderful mixture of Greek, Macedonian and Mediterranean influences and some favorite dishes are a vegetarian curry calembour and the baby calamari with semolina and chili peppers will melt in your mouth. Not only does it have great food, but the service is also wonderful.

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