The 12 Warmest destinations for a perfect winter escape

Photo: Lefteris Kallergis; Location: Crete, Rethymno

Searching for the perfect escape during the winter months but aren’t sure where to look? Maybe it’s time to check out one of these warm oases for unique yet-toasty winter refuge.

If you aren’t sure what to think about these locations or need some extra ideas of what to do once you arrive, not to worry! The Framey app has you covered. Check out a long list of attractions to help inspire you as you make your winter travel plans, and then again while you are visiting the town of your choosing.

For now, though, let’s talk location!

Photo: Evangelos Mpikakis; Location: Voulisma Beach, Agios Nikolaos, Greece

Crete, Greece

Greece is a bucket list item for many, and Crete tends to fall at the top of the list. The largest and most populous of the Greek islands, this location is great for visiting ancient ruins, soaking in the sun on beautiful beaches, and strolling vibrant city streets.

Perhaps you’ll use the ‘Nearby’ section of the Framey app to find specific coordinates of a beautiful photo spot or that small restaurant that doesn’t show up in most location searches. The Nearby map also includes a pin with a photo of the location that is at a certain coordinate, so you’ll certainly know what to expect at any specific location you seek!

Photo: Henrique Ferreira; Location: Mondello, Palermo, Italy

Palermo, Italy

Palermo is well-known for its history, as a city that has been around for over 2,700 years.

In the last two millennia, Palermo has solidified as a city full of incredible architecture and gastronomy.

In fact, as the capital of Sicily, you’ll be sure to find amazing Sicilian dishes as you enjoy the Mediterranean climate.

Photo: Howard Bouchevereau; Location: Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Lanzarote, Spain

Another island location, Lanzarote is both the northern and easternmost island of the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain.

If you’re looking for volcano-clad landscapes and proximity to beaches, this is a prime spot to spend your winter holiday.

Photo: Igor Starkov; Location: Larnaca, Cyprus

Limassol, Cyprus

Along the southern shores of Cyprus, you’ll come across the town of Limassol, a cultural hub that mixes beachy neighborhoods and trendy cafes while at the same time placing a focus on its ancient roots.

Here you’ll find a wonderful blend of attractions in a location that has plenty to offer.

Photo: Jakub Uzieblo; Location: Mijas, Spain

Mijas, Spain

This city in the Andalucía region of Spain is the perfect spot to kick back and spend time with the family underneath the warm Mediterranean sun.

With museums and historical locations to see, and beach resorts along the coastline, the kids and parents alike will be sure to enjoy the trip!

Photo: Emmanuel Martin; Location: Toulon, France

Toulon, France

The third-largest French city on the Mediterranean coast, Toulon boasts beautiful blue water and white sand beaches just a short walk away from the brightly colored buildings of the town center.

Explore the Cours Lafayette Market or catch a show at the Opéra de Toulon after a day relaxing near the water.

Photo: Maxim Chechin; Location: Algarve, Portugal

Algarve, Portugal

Part of the Faro district in Portugal, Algarve is the Southernmost region in the country and known for its world-class golf courses and historic castles.

Spend your trip sunning, touring, and eating your way through the beautiful Algarve coast.

Use the ‘Search’ feature that the Framey app offers to narrow down your search within this region. You’ll find a few of the best collections related to your search, which will only help to make planning more exciting.

Photo: Mike Nahlii; Location: Grand Harbour, Malta

Valletta, Malta

The capital city of Malta is rich in its historical background, a walled city formed in the 1500s by the Knights of St. John. You’ll find yourself surrounded by churches, museums, and even palaces that all sit close enough to create one of the most condensed historic areas in the world.

If you’ve been searching for a warm location that isn’t based around going to the beach, this is just the spot for you.

While Valletta is on the sea the city rests on a Peninsula surrounded by waters, sandy beaches are few and far between. Mostly locals are going to be seen taking a dip in the water, so you don’t need to worry about avoiding the main attraction if the beach is not quite your scene.

If you are simply hoping to focus on adventure and enjoying the warm weather, feel free to find a good spot for a swim, far from any tourists!

Photo: Vera Gorbunova; Location: São Miguel, Azores

Azores Islands, Portugal

The dramatic landscapes of these islands are sure to make you forget how close you are to mainland Europe. Between fishing villages, deep green pastures, calderas with lakes in the middle, and bright blue flowers all around, you will have a chance to get deeply immersed into the nature that is so prominent.

The blue-green lakes in the Azores islands are the most well-known part of the region, though you won’t run out of places to explore during your trip.

Photo: Jocelyn Hsu; Location: Gibraltar, UK

Gibraltar, UK

Otherwise known as ‘the rock’, Gibraltar is home to a brilliant mix of heritage, military history, inviting beaches, and natural attractions like sea life.

You can visit a UNESCO heritage site and take a dip in the Mediterranean all in the same afternoon.

Photo: Anna Berdnik; Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

Home to mosques that are among the most visually appealing in the world, vibrant patterns, and wonderful food, Turkey is a great winter destination for anyone looking for a little exploring.

This might not be the best spot if a vacation to you looks like relaxing on the water and sipping mojitos, but it is the perfect place to escape the cold, see some stunning architecture, and maybe even ride in a hot air balloon (though those are more popular in Cappadocia, Turkey.)

Photo: Dominik Mecko; Location: Sibenik, Croatia

Sibenik, Croatia

A historic city in Croatia, Sibenik is made of stone- from buildings to stairwells, the cobbled streets, and stone arches, the stone is a staple in the design of this city.

Notably, this is the only Croatian city on the coast built by Croatian people. The other coastal cities have roots in the other cultures that founded them.

If you’re hoping to find a calm, lesser-known area to explore, Sibenik could be just the spot for you.

Using Framey to Help Plan Your Adventures


You can begin on the Framey app’s “Home’ page, where you can scroll thousands of worldwide attractions without limitations. Find inspiration in a city of your own choosing or browse to see how your vacation destination compares to others that pop up.


Use the ‘Search’ feature to find specific attractions and ideas if you have a certain city in mind, perhaps one of the sunny spots above! Browse collections that others have made so that you can get an idea of what others enjoy. It’s like getting a recommendation from a friend, but at the tip of your fingers!


Once you have some fun inspiration, use the “Save’ section to create collections of your own. Add all of your favorite attractions in any given city, providence, or country. There are no restrictions- organize how you like!


Once you’re out there, traveling the world one location at a time, use the ‘Nearby’ section to use your real-time location and find cool spots right near you at a moment’s notice.


Soon, there will be an ‘Upload’ feature that gives users the power to upload personal photos and associate them with attractions that already exist. Or, if you’re a real trailblazer, you’ll be able to create new attractions to help inspire others.

That’s All for Now!

So, as you plan for your winter holiday, remember that you have resources at the touch of a button that can help you navigate the 12 warmest winter escapes, among many other locations you might be hoping to visit.

For now, happy planning. May you stay inspired, organized, and have safe travels!




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